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“There isn’t enough money” is a common expression used by many people who work and feel that their paycheck disappears the same day they get paid. You see as prices rise, so does the monthly household budget making the list of bills longer and the income shorter. But I want to remind you today that if God is with you, wherever you are, in Him you will lack nothing.
When you walk with God on your side, you circumstances do not determine who you are or what you will achieve. Your security does not lie  in your paycheck but it is in the owner of gold and silver, God. God says in His word not only that you will lack nothing because He is your provider, but you will be prosperous in everything you do. In God you’ll have more than enough for you, for your home and to share with others.
Trust in God who is faithful to His promises and has promised to be your supplier.
If you have a testimony where God has been your provider, share it here!