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As women we know how to love, but it is so painful when someone breaks our hearts, and we are left feeling used and abandoned. When a relationship goes through a breakup there is always a bitter taste left behind that produces a deep sense of sadness. But it is very important to rise above it and not allow it to repeat itself. “how can I avoid this?”, you ask yourself. The answer is by simply taking God’s advice to heart because He loves us and does not want to see us suffer.

When your love for God is the center of your life, you function better as a person in all areas and your capacity to love grows in a healthy and balanced manner towards all those you love. If your heart has been wounded because of past hurts, if you have been betrayed or abandoned, you need this encounter with Jesus in order to heal, cleanse and place your emotions in order. After His marvelous touch you will be able to love again, as you guard your heart. Try it; remember that which God does is never wrong.